Camping Stuff

Troop 413 camps every month in all types of weather.  We mix it up with backpacking and close support outings so that all Scouts can participate based on their age and skill levels.

The goal of each camping trip is FUN, skills development, and rank advancement...and FUN!

The Troop has LOTS of camping gear to loan so don't worry if you don't have something you might need...just ask!

In our regular schedule we include an annual 50-miler by either backpacking, cycling, or canoe; annual resident summer camp at one of the great Scout Reservations, our Father's Day canoe trip, and much, much more!  

    150 Mile Bike Trip 2010

    Backpacking Checklist

    First Aid kit Checklist



    The Ten Essentials

    From the Boy Scout Handbook
    First aid kit
    Extra clothing
    Rain gear
    Water bottle
    Trail food Matches 
     fire starters
    Sun protection
    Map and compass  

    Troop 413 Winter Camping Guide

    Sam's camp songs