Troop 413 Minutes from Committee Meeting
December 6, 2011
Meeting started at 6:15:  

Members that were in attendance Tom Brubaker, Ray Seely, Dave Merriman, Rob Ferrero, Norm Alder, Rob Leland, Mark Lamb



 Ryan and James Hotchkiss want to join the troop.  Bruce Hotchkiss asked to be Asst Scout Master. Approved.

  We have a great troop with all the adult support.

   Adult name tags for uniformed adult leaders - $5 each. (optional)

Outdoor Activities:  See calendar. 

  Dec 12th is Rock Climbing.  $20/person.   Adults can participate at $20/person

   Jan 13-14: Kondike @ Cowles.  Brian needs to register


   Savings $?; Checking $?; Store $0.00.

   Don’t know what is owed to the individual scouts

   Dues: Need to collect.  Raise to $36.  2nd boy  in a family at $24. 

   Registration: $15 registration, $12 for Boys Life.

Shirts $10

   Ray will research online banking with AmWest

   Request from Dave: Add funds to the Store account.


  Last month’s Minutes were posted to the Troop website - Approved

   Today’s minutes should be posted onto our website soon

  Norm: Advancements

   Advancements: Michael Sanborn - Scout & Tenderfoot; Steven Hoberg 2nd Class

   Quiet Eagle:

  Citizenship in the Nation.  Done.

  Communications & Family Life by Jen Ferrero.  Start in Jan

 Court of Honor: 1/9/12 – Deanna Troxel POC

  Norm not always notified when a scout is advanced. Need to keep him notified.

  Hunter Wardian – Librarian

   Norm will leave for 6 months in April.  Need a replacement.

  Lock-in after Christmas.  Sean (21) will be POC. Fri, 12/30/11. Other adults: Ray, Sam, Rob Leland 

  Jen Ferrero (Rob spoke): Newsletter

  Jen will get with Ryan Hagmann to work on Jan newsletter.

  Use newsletters for recruitment at the other packs.  Dave and/or Rob F go to other packs.

  Rob Leland: No projects planned for Jan.

  Chaplan: Mark Lamb. 

   New Chaplan’s aide: Ryan Haggman

   Research religious emblem and what it takes to earn

  Registration: Rob F: All up to date.  

 Experienced Uniforms: Low on uniforms.

New Business 

2012 Camp Easton is $275/boy

Youth Protection: Tom: no more compromising on 2 deed.

Watch Time to Tell during Lock In.

Recharter Status: Ready to go.  Dave Merriman will do by 12/15/11

 Troop Manual revisions: Almost done

 CPR/AED training.  Dave could set up for $35/adult.  Add to Newsletter to gage interest.

Adjourned 8:33