Photo Gallery

 Troop 413 is a very active troop dedicated to the outdoors
We have a campout every month to work on rank and outdoor skills
We also have a monthly night hike to work on survival and fire building


Hunt Lake Backpacking Trip

50 Mile Mountain Bike Trip

Coeur d'Alene River Canoe Trip

Riverside Mountain Bike Campout

Mountain Bike Trek

Hog Lake Camping

Burke Canyon Winter Camping

Dutch Oven Cooking

Klondike Derby

       Great Job Troop!! 1st Place Champions!!

Ancient Lake Backpacking

Roman Nose Backpacking

Troop Lock In

50 Miler Mount St. Helens

Star Peak Backpacking

Melita Island Summer Camp

Whitewater Rafting Trip

Father's Day Canoe Trip

County Park Cabin Backpacking Trip

Fort Spokane Family Camping

Frisbee Golf Night

Pioneering Merit Badge

Lookout Snow Caving 2013

Camp Baird

Pioneering Poles/ Conservation Project at Camp Easton

Klondike 2013

Troop Lock In 2012

Bouldering Night

Quartzite Mountain Camping

More Quartzite Mountain

Heart Lake Backpacking #1

Heart Lake Backpacking #2

50 mile canoe trip Flathead River

North Fork Camping

Camp Easton Summer Camp

Turkey in the Mud 2012

Juniper Dunes

Fall Camporee 2012

Wild Walls Climbing 2011

Fishtrap Wilderness 2011

Fifty Mile Backpacking Trip 2011

Fathers Day Canoe Trip

Escure Ranch Backpacking Trip

Boyer Park 2011

Turkey in the Mud 2011

Snow Caving 2011

Survival Campout 2010

Fall Camporee 2010

150 Mile Bike Trip 2010

Boyer Park Campout

Turkey in the Mud Campout

Camporee Camp Cowels

Camp Parsons

Snow Caving Campout

Come join us on one of our monthly Night Hikes!